Repair of sprung floor

A recent review of the Queenstown Gymnastics Club’s equipment identified the sprung floor as an area of concern that had the potential to cause injury to the children as they train.

The floor was purchased some years ago second hand and over that time there has been no maintenance reinvestment into this important piece of equipment.

As you can see from the photo gaps were starting to appear between plates as not all boards were joined together.

floor repair july 2014 1

With the generous assistance of $375 from Fresh Choice supermarket through their community fund, the QGC engaged the assistance of two club dads with building expertise and came up with a plan to repair and make safe the floor.

floor repair july 2014 2

Broken plywood boards were replaced with new boards, styrofoam was packed under each floor join to limit movement and all floor boards were joined together with strips of steel the club had made up.

This work took place over the weekend of July 12th & 13th with a small group of club committee members and club dads working to get the floor ready for the new school term.

floor repair july 2014 3

The Queenstown Gymnastics Club wishes to acknowledge the support of Fresh Choice supermarket whose donation from their community fund contributed towards the materials costs for the repair work.

Once the floor was completed and the mats rolled back down we had some of the clubs competition squad members try it out and their feedback was very positive. They all commented that they now didn’t have to worry about landing in a hole when they practised flips.

Mike Byers
Queenstown Gymnastics Club
16th July 2014

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