Dear parents and gymnasts,

Your Committee has been searching for alternative gym sites for over 3 years. We have known, as you have, that WHS is moving to Frankton. WHS do not have a space for us at Frankton.

We have received advice from WHS that we need to hand over our keys to the current gym on 17 December 2017.

Over the past 3 years we have explored school halls, the Events Centre and private leases. We have visited the Mayor twice, put in QLDC Annual Plan submissions and in June 2017 some of our gymnasts presented the Club’s submission to listening Councillors.

We are continuing to work with Gymsports NZ (our parent body), Ministry of Education, QLDC and the wider community to find somewhere suitable but obviously if we do not have a facility by the start of Term 1 2018 we won’t be running classes.  This doesn’t mean that the Club folds, it will just go into recess until a solution is found.

How much space do we need?
We currently operate in about 140m2 with a 4m min stud height. Gymsports NZ see Queenstown having a subregional facility of about 1000m2. We think somewhere between 200m2 – 400m2 would be affordable and would meet the needs of our gymnasts. 1000m2 would be fantastic but we have to be realistic.

How many gymnasts are in the club?
We have 181 members and 65 on our waiting list. This is a big deal.

How much can the club afford to pay?
It depends. We currently turn over about $115,000/annum, pay nothing for rent and make a small annual surplus (about $20,000).  So for example, 400m2 at The Warehouse site could cost $60,000/annum.  We would have to raise this additional amount, as well as any additional staff and other costs needed to cover any additional hours we might be able to offer at a new site.  So, the answer is that the Club can currently afford to pay around $20,000 but potentially could pay more.

Have we been talking to Council?
Yes. We are working with Simon Battrick, Sports and Recreation Manager at QLDC. QLDC and CODC and Sport Otago are putting together a Recreation Strategy which will identify needs of all sports and recreation clubs across QLDC and Central. This will help prioritise Council’s funding for future facilities and hopefully more equitably distribute the existing facilities to our benefit. However, realistically any tangible outcome for the Club from this review is at least a year away.

What private leases have we looked at?
Properties in Gorge Road (ex Carters Site – too short term as site will be redeveloped soon), around Site Trampolining (too expensive), the old warehouse site in Remarkables Park (Decisions will be made by The Warehouse in January 2018). We have also looked on the REINZ site and Trade Me at various location including a building in Cromwell.

What can parents do to help?
a) Please let us know if you know of what might be a suitable property.
b) Stay enrolled in the Club. If your child wants to continue with gymnastics then please enroll for Term 1, 2018. We wont be able to charge fees for Term 1 until we know we have a facility and as soon as we know WE WILL BE SHARING THE INFORMATION.
c) Like our post on Facebook, post it on your page, spread the word to your friends and colleagues, we would love their help
d) Join the Committee – many hands make work light.

What is next?
Ministry of Education and QLDC and the property manager from Wellington are meeting on site on 20 November 2017. Following this meeting we will have a better idea of how the current gym site sits.

Come to the Prize giving and AGM on Wednesday 6 December 2017 at 5.30pm.

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