Recreational Classes

The goal of our recreational class is to develop co-ordination, flexibility, skills and confidence in a friendly atmosphere.  Recreational gymnasts progress through a badge incentive program offered by GymSports NZ.  They are tested at various stages throughout the year, and upon passing their current level, will receive the relevant GymSports NZ Badge. Progression to competition level is possible subject to coach guidance and invitation.


Girls: a leotard, or leggings with a top that can be tucked in.  Hair is to be tied back please and no jewellery is allowed for safety reasons.  Boys: shorts and a t-shirt.  Don’t forget water bottles!

Club leotard / t-shirt / tracksuit – these are optional, and are available to be purchased upon request.

For class times click here.

For term fees and payment click here.


6 Responses to Recreational Classes

  1. Aaron says:

    Hi guys, just wondering if there is a class suitable for adults. I’m 27, reasonably fit and very keen to get into this sport. Is there a class you’d recommend? I also have a couple of friends interested as well. Kind regards,

  2. Hi I was just wondering if these classes cover acro as I am a dancer with absolutely no acro skills. I’m flexible like I can do the splits on both sides but no back flexibility and no tricks which are crucial to dance.

  3. Sarah Benson says:

    Hi. I have a 4 year old who has done a bot if gym in Sydney and i think had a lot of potential. Her birthday is January 30. Is there any way of enrolling her early or can you recommend somewhere for her to go. We have just moved here. Thanks! Sarah

    • Hi Sarah,

      Unfortunately, we only offer classes for 5 years and above at the moment. I am happy to put her on the wait list however for when she turns 5 next year. Another recommendation would be to look into Site Trampoline, I believe they may offer a younger students program that involves trampolining. If you would like to put her on the gymnastics waiting list please send us an an e-mail at


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