Date Posted
15th Feb 2021

Update: Back to Level 2

Covid-19 Level 2 Update:
Classes will currently go forward as scheduled. Classes will end 5 minutes early in order to avoid overlap at the door. Please make sure any child that feels unwell stays home. No parents are allowed inside the gym (besides morning class preschool parents). Please have your child wait with you in the car, a coach will come to the door and let all gymnasts in and out for class. Please make sure to read through and follow all health and safety guidelines below. We will keep you updated if we receive any further instruction or changes. If you have any questions, please email us. 
Regards, Queenstown Gymnastics Club 

Healthy and Safety Procedures:
* If your child is not feeling well, they must remain home. * Classes will end 5 minutes early in order to avoid overlap at the door. * For drop off gymnasts must wait in cars with parents until the coach comes out and opens the door. Parents must remain outside for pick up and drop off and are not allowed in the gym at any time. *Gymnasts will sanitize their hands immediately upon entry and before exiting the gym. * A register of which gymnasts are present at each session will be marked down for contact tracing. * Gymnasts must arrive ready to train. Each gymnast is allowed to bring one bag and must store all clothes and belongings inside their bag. Gymnasts will have designated areas for storing their bags. * Gymnasts must bring a drink bottle as they will not be able to drink out of the bathroom fountain. *We will not be training overly challenging or high level skills, in order to avoid excessive spotting from coaches. * There will be a cleaning of bathroom and doors before and after sessions. Heightened regular cleaning of apparatus.  *Physical distancing will be maintained between groups. * Gymnasts must ask the coach permission to visit the restroom. * Gymnasts must follow distancing and safety rules or they will not be permitted to practice. We must follow these rules strictly to ensure everyone’s safety.

Please help us enforce the above so we can all keep each other safe!