QGC Terms and Conditions

Class Cancellations:

On snow days, decisions regarding class cancellations will be made by 2pm. If it is deemed safe for Coaches and families to travel to the gym, classes will be held.

If a class is cancelled, families will receive an email and should also check the QGC Facebook page for updates after 2pm.

Should a class be cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances QGC will endeavour to reschedule, dependent upon Coach availability.


For circumstances outside the control of the QGC committee, refunds will not be provided.

Classes are not refunded for general absenteeism or family holidays.

In the case of significant injury, a refund may be provided on sighting a medical certificate, and if the class position is able to be filled by another gymnast.

No refunds are provided for withdrawal during a term.

Classes will not be held on public holidays. QGC term fees will be adjusted on a termly bases to reflect public holidays.

COVID 19 credits are to be used towards future term fees and will not be refunded unless under exceptional circumstances. A refund will be considered due to injury, with citing of a Medical Certificate, or if a gymnast is no longer resident in Queenstown due to COVID 19 circumstances.

Following non-attendance, withdrawal from the Club due to a change in circumstance will incur no penalty fee before the end of week 2 of term. Withdrawal after the end of week 2 will incur payment of the full term fees.

Billing and Payment Information:

All fee information is provided to families on enrolment through the Friendly Manager system.

Payment is to be made by direct bank transfer to bank account 03 1355 0621257 00

Enrolments will be made and fees paid by families prior to term commencement.

Please note that a 5% late payment fee will be applied to all overdue fees.

QGC reserve the right to release gymnasts from the roll due to non-payment of fees.

Class Placement/Wait Lists:

Class placement is dependent upon availability. QGC runs a wait list for gymnasts wishing to join the Club and families will be contacted as places become available within appropriate classes.

Medical Emergency:

Parents and Guardians will make QGC staff aware of any gymnast health issues or restrictions which may affect their training or participation in class. In the event that a parent or guardian cannot be reached during a class, QGC staff will seek medical treatment for gymnasts as required.

Release of Liability: 

Parents or legal guardians shall release QGC, it’s Coaches and Committee from all liability, claims, demands and causes of action related to any loss, damage or injury, including death, that may be sustained by a gymnast or said parent or guardian while on QGC premises and under the supervision of QGC Coaches.

Media Use: 

By enrolling their children, parents/legal guardians give full consent for QGC to use photo and video images of them taken during
classes/competitions on the club website and Facebook page.

April 2021