Term Schedule

All classes run in parallel with school terms, and subject to waiting lists, new enrollments are accepted throughout the term. The club endeavors to keep the class times the same from term to term however class times may change owing to coach availability and class sizes.  Additional training over school term breaks may be available.




5 Responses to Term Schedule

  1. Mary-Ann Trounce says:

    I’d like to enroll my 5 year old daughter in a recreational class, she has not had any previous gymnastics training. Please let me know if there are any vacancies or if I can put her on a wait list.
    Mary-Ann Trounce

  2. Joby weston says:

    Hi there I would like to enrol my 9 year old daughter into recreational classes or get her on waiting list ,she used to do it with your club
    Cheers joby

  3. Giovanna Boventi says:

    I would like to enrol my 12 years daughter .
    She has no previous coaching.
    I may also be able to volunteer some time.

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