Private Sessions

All of our coaches are available for private sessions. These are sessions in which the coach can give the gymnast one on one attention to work on new skills, routines, or problem areas which they wish to improve. 

  • Private sessions are available for all of our recreational and competitive gymnasts. Privates are also available to non members of all ages and adults. 
  • You can schedule a private by contacting the Club via email. The coach will then work with you to schedule an available session time. Private sessions will only be given if the coach's and gym's schedules allow. 
  • Semi-private (2 gymnast) sessions are also available.
  • Fees:
    • .5hrs - $35
    • 1hr - $52
    • 1.5hrs - $75 
    • 2hrs - $96
  • Fees will be charged to your account by the Club.