Recreational Classes

The goal of our recreational class is to develop co-ordination, flexibility, skills and confidence in a friendly atmosphere. Recreational gymnasts progress through a structured program offered by GymSports NZ. All classes (besides boy's class) are co-ed. 

They are tested twice each term and receive a midterm review as well as an end of term review in which coaches will evaluate their skills and indicate when they should progress to the next level. Progression to competition level is possible, subject to coach guidance and invitation.


Girls: Leotard is the best option, if possible. Tight comfortable clothing only. Hair tied back.

Boys: Shorts and t-shirt. 

No shoes allowed. Socks permitted in winter months. No watches or jewelry besides one pair of studs.

Always bring a waterbottle! 

Club leotard / hoodie / trackpants - these are optional, and are available to be purchased through your online account. 


Preschool: Ages 3-5

Fun Gym: Ages 5-6

Beginner: Ages 6+

Boys' Class: Ages 6+

Beginner/Intermmediate Age 9+: Ages 9+

Intermmediate: Ages 7+ (Prerequisite - Beginner class or prior experience) 

Advanced: Ages 8+ (Prerequisite - Intermmediate class or prior experience) 

PreTeam: By coach invitation only 

Adult Classes: Ages 18+


All fees are adjusted for each class based on term dates and holiday gym closures.  

A Holiday Program is offered during each school break. Holiday Program schedules will be posted prior to each break. 

If you would like further information on recreational classes, class times and availability, please contact our club at