Queenstown Gymnastics Club Terms and Conditions

Billing and Payment Information:

• Member registration does not roll over from previous terms. All members must register each term to secure their spot. 

• All fee information is provided to families on enrolment through the Friendly Manager system. Recreation class fees are calculated on a termly basis following the dates of the school term.

• Enrolments will be made and fees paid by families prior to term commencement. Payment is to be made by direct bank transfer to bank account 03-1355-0621257-00.

• As a not-for-profit organisation, in order to run our Club effectively, we rely on prompt payment of term fees. Registration is a commitment to a class and to payment of fees for that class. 

• Term fees include coaching costs, administration costs and a Gymnastics New Zealand registration fee payable to GNZ by affiliated Clubs each term. 

• QGC reserve the right to deny attendance and release gymnasts from the register due to non-payment of fees at the end of week 2 of term if no alternative payment arrangements have been made. 

• With prior approval, QGC offers payment of term fees by installment. Please contact the Club if you would like to make alternative payment arrangements.

• Registration to further classes will not be accepted from members with outstanding fees unless a prior payment arrangement has been approved by QGC. 

• Outstanding fees are subject to an additional late payment penalty of 5% per month overdue.

• During registration, families may be asked to select to volunteer their time to support the Club, or to make a volunteer opt out donation. Volunteering is vital to the survival and growth of QGC. If the volunteer opt out donation is selected, members will receive a separate invoice for this, per registered child. For families with multiple members, the full opt out fee will be applied to the first member (with the highest fee), then 50% of the opt out fee will be applied to each additional member of the same family. 

Term Refunds/Discounts/Credits:

• Refunds will not be provided for circumstances outside the control of QGC. If we are unable to run classes due to an emergency event (Covid19, adverse weather, natural disasters) term fees will be forfeited for sessions missed during the first week of closure. Beyond this time, we will endeavour to run online classes in lieu of classes in the gym facility. If this is not possible, a credit will be loaded to Friendly Manager member accounts to be applied to future bookings. In these circumstances, we are unable to offer refunds. 

• Classes are not refunded or credited for general absenteeism or family holidays of less than 4 weeks duration.

• No refunds or discounts are offered if gymnasts finish a class early, arrive late or take days off. 

• To maintain the quality and safety of our classes, if a gymnast is absent from class, we are not able to offer a makeup session in a class they do not usually attend.

• QGC allows changes to classes (including full withdrawal/full refund), with no additional costs providing at least 7 days notice is given prior to the first class of term. 

• QGC reserves the right to charge an administration fee of $15 if changes to classes (including withdrawal) are notified with less than 7 days notice prior to the start of term.

• Classes should be chosen carefully as refunds will not be given for a ‘change of mind’ once term has commenced. 

• If a member is enrolled for the term but does not attend the classes, term fees will not be refunded.

• New members registering part way through a term are charged on a pro-rata basis. This pro-rata term fee will include the Gymnastics New Zealand registration fee and related Club administration costs. 

• For circumstances outside the control of QGC such as significant injury or medical concern which result in a member being unable to attend the full term (where a minimum of 4 weeks are missed), an appropriate refund, discount or credit will be applied with sighting of a medical certificate. In all cases, account credits are the preferred option for QGC. 

• All refunds, discounts or credits will be applied using a consistent method and will be at the discretion of QGC. Details are available on request. These will attract a $15 administration fee. The Gymnastics New Zealand registration fee included in all term fees will not be refunded.

• Recreational Holiday Programme: No refunds or credits will be provided for cancellations within 7 days of a holiday programme booking unless a medical certificate is supplied. An administration fee of $10 will be charged for cancellations or booking changes.

Class Cancellations:

• On snow days, decisions regarding class cancellations will be made by 2pm. If it is deemed safe for Coaches and families to travel to the gym, classes will be held. If a class is cancelled, families will receive an email and should also check the QGC Facebook page for updates after 2pm.

• Should a class be cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances QGC will endeavour to reschedule, dependent upon Coach availability. 

• If QGC is required to cancel a class due to insufficient numbers, we will offer a place in an alternative class or refund the unattended sessions if the alternative class is not suitable. 

• If QGC are required to cancel a class due to coach availability, either a makeup class will be offered, or a credit will be applied to the accounts of affected members.

• Classes will not be held on Public Holidays. QGC term fees will be adjusted on a termly basis to reflect Public Holiday closures.

Sibling Discounts: 

• Siblings of a recreational member and/or a competition member are entitled to a 10% discount on recreational classes of the same or lesser value.

• This discount is not applicable to fees for two siblings both enrolled in competition classes.

• This discount is not applicable to fees receiving the ‘multi-class discount’ as per below. 

Multi-Class Discounts: 

• Members enrolling in additional full-term classes are entitled to a 10% ‘multi-class discount’ on classes of the same or lesser value as the 1st class. 

• This is only applicable to full term sign up, not drop in / casual classes. The ‘sibling discount’ cannot be applied to classes receiving a ‘multi class discount’.

Class Placement/Wait Lists:

• Class placement is dependent upon availability. QGC runs a wait list for gymnasts wishing to join the Club and families will be contacted as places become available within appropriate classes.

• If the class you sign up for is full, you will automatically be added to the waitlist on completion of registration. You will not be invoiced. If you are on a waitlist, please do not attend class as there will not be space. You will be notified immediately if a space becomes available. Waitlist offers will be held for 24hrs before offering these to the next waitlisted member.

Medical Emergency:

• Parents or Guardians will make QGC staff aware of any gymnast health issues or restrictions which may affect their training or participation in class. Should an accident or injury occur during class and a parent or guardian cannot be reached, QGC staff will seek medical treatment for gymnasts as required.

Release of Liability:

• Parents or legal guardians shall release QGC, it’s Coaches and Committee from all liability, claims, demands and causes of action related to any loss, damage or injury, including death, that may be sustained by a gymnast or said parent or guardian while on QGC premises and under the supervision of QGC Coaches. 

Media Use:

• By enrolling their children, parents/legal guardians give full consent to use photo and video images of their children taken during classes or at competitions on the Club website, newsletters or social media pages. Parents shall inform the Club in writing and on the registration form if permission is not granted. 

January 2024