Recreation classes

Our Recreation gymnastics classes are aimed for girls and boys aged 4 years and upwards. It is a programme where children can learn lifelong fundamental skills whilst having fun. Under the guidance of qualified coaches, they will develop skills and confidence through gymnastics apparatus' (Beam, Bar, Floor, Vault.)

FunGym 4+

Suitable for boys and girls ages 4 - 6 years


Suitable for boys and girls ages 5

Beginner Recreational 

Suitable for a beginner / first time ages 6+

Intermediate Recreational

Suitable for children who have attended previous classes and have some skills ages 6+ 

Intermediate/ Advanced 9+

For girls who are have done gymnastics before with knowledge of terminology and skills ages 9+

Boys Recreational 

For boys age 5 - 8 years, all abilities

PLEASE NOTE when registering, a child can either be enrolled in a class or placed on a wait list if the class is full:

  • enrolment in a class: a child is confirmed in a class after an invoice has been received via email and paid. The invoice will be sent automatically upon completing the registration process. Class placement is not confirmed until paid.
  • placed on a waitlist: if an invoice is not received the child IS NOT enrolled. When on the waitlist an orange "wait list" button is highlighted next to the class in the child's registration details. A child is moved from the waitlist when a place becomes available and an invoice will be emailed. This confirms the child is enrolled in the class starting immediately pending payment

I have enrolled - what else do I need to know:

  • Children can wear either leggings or fitted shorts with a fitted T-shirt or a leotard.  Please ensure the clothing is reasonably tight fitting and not baggy
  • For safety reasons clothing should not have buttons, buckles or zippers as these can catch on the equipment.
  • For safety reasons all long hair must be tied up.
  • For safety we ask that gymnasts stay off the apparatus until their class starts and tehy are supervised by a coach
  • For safety, siblings are to remain with parents in the viewing area and are to stay off the apparatus at all times. QGC can not be responsible for the safety of siblings not enroled in a class. 
  • Shoes are not allowed on the gym floor and children wear socks or bare feet. We ask that socks are removed when using the beam.
  • A coach will call your gymnast to the floor when their class is starting. Please wait in the waiting area until this time.
  • If you arrive late please ask your child to join their group or a staff member can take them into the main gym area.
  • Parents are requested not to come onto the floor unless requested by the coach.